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photography= lightdrawingcraft, a G. oversetting from Greek=lightdrawing=photography)+craft = "the art of photography", also lightbilthing (<OE roots), photograph=lightbilth (<OE lēoht + biliþe (the last word is like other G words for "image or picture, like German Bild, Dutch beeld, and Norwegian bild) (however, a word like photography is widely borrowed in other G tongues, like German Fotographie, Dutch fotografie, Norweg. fotografering , and others)

database= inputbank (however data is widely borrowed, and even base) Databank is also in English, with only "data" borrowed.

democracy= folksteer (like Norweg, Nynorsk), folk-sway (or folksway), folk-might (or folkmight) (English oversetting from Greek) (however, this word is also borrowed in G tongues as German Democratie, Dutch democratie, Norweg. democrati, Even Frisian democrasy) 

credit= loangelt (Germanic from Icelandic) (however this word is also borrowed in other G tongues as Frisian kredyt, Norweg. kreditt, German Kredit, Dutch credit, and others)

desk=write-board, work-board (like German)

emergency=needfall, needstand, needbefalling =(need +happening) ( like Frisian needgefal, Dutch noodgeval, German Notfall, Notstand

fruit= ovet (<Middle English  <OE, G) akin to German Obst and Dutch ooft (although both also have a word like "fruit" <Latin)

library=bookhouse (<Old English)

mayor=boroughreeve, also reeve (still in Canada) (<Old English roots) This is a true word, but lost after 1835.

medicine= leechcraft, healcraft (the field), (drug)=leechdom, leechwort (<OE), healwort

secret= dern (dialectal <OE dyrne) or roun (<OE)

lawyer=lawitter (<OE lahwita) (law is <OE, but -yer is <Old French) (also "man or woman  of the law" for words we still have.)

ticket = infare < OE infær (admission right)

vegetable = wort (<OE roots), (or instead, greens. It is like the Dutch word groente.) There is also wortyard <OE (and yes, this has been written) =garden (another G root)

volunteer= freewiller (like Dutch and German, Frisian frijwilliger

cancer (the sickness) =crabgrowth (cancer is <Latin <Greek, but means "crab")

cardboard= leafboard

cathedral = headchurch 

climate =weatherbelt (however, climate is widely borrowed in other G tongues, like Frisian/Dutch klimaat, German Klima, Swedish klimat)

curious= frimdy >OE frymdig, or newsgreedy (like Dutch and other G. tongues) You could also write in everyday English "would like/wish/want to know about something", "longing to know about something", "wondering about something".

dialect = tonguefall (< Dutch) (also widely borrowed, however, German Dialekt, Dutch tongval (but also dialekt), Frisian dialekt, Norweg. dialekt, and so forth)

dinosaur = dreadathex (an oversetting  <Greek  (terrible=

dread + < OE word for lizard (=terrible + lizard) The OE word became ask in UK dial. so dread-ask could also work), but dinosaur is borrowed in all G, but not Iceland.)

climate change = weatherbelt shift (<OE roots)

funeral = burying, begraving (akin to other G, but begrave is now an old word (obs.), bale, A word like OE for "funeral services" would be deathening < OE deáðþénunga

mask=greem (<OE gríma, like Icelandic) (However, a word like mask is borrowed in almost all G tongues like German Maske, Swedish mask, Dutch/Frisian masker)

geography= landlore, earthlore (however, borrowed in some G tongues like German (also with an inborn word, Dutch (also with an inborn word), (Danish, Swedish, Norweg., Frisian but they also have the borrowed word).

parade =yetote (<OE getot) (the G is this is like a "y".)

penalty = harmshare (<OE hearmscearu)

referee = shedsrighter (like Dutch scheidsrechter)

signature= namemark, namestamp

skeleton= bony frame (These are true words), also the framework of bones.

species =lifekin (but borrowed in German as Spezies (also Art, Dutch soort<Latin )

amber =elksand (<OE eolhsand)

architect = highcrafter (<OE) highcraftsman (but see the word below, which is widely borrowed)

architecture= buildlore, buildcraft, timberlore, timbercraft (<OE roots) (however, this word has also been borrowed in other G. tongues, like German Architektur, Dutch architectuur, Norwegian arkitektur, and others)

microscope =smallseer (like Icelandic) However, a word like microscope has been borrowed in almost all other G tongues, like Dutch microscoop, German Mikroskop, Swedish mikroskop)

mushroom = swam (<ME <OE swamm), (but there is also the G. word toadstool.)

face (n.) =onlete (or anlet, or anleth) (<ME <OE andwlita, akin to Icelandic andlit, and German Antlitz) However, there is also leer <OE hlēor , which has the older meaning of "face", and like a word we still have. 

honor/honour= are (<OE ār) (now found mainly in "God's are" in English, but can also be wielded in other ways)

heritage= erf (<OE yrfe, ierfe, G) (Northern England, Scotland) (akin to German Erbe, Dutch erfenis, Frisian erfskip ("erfship"), Icelandic arfleifð

hostage=gisle (or yisle) <OE (akin to all other G. tongues)

illiteracy= unstaffwisehood (<OE unstæfwis + -hood) (most other G tongues have a word that is like "letter" or "alphabet" + a word like hood, 

illiterate= unstaffwise <OE unstæfwis (not knowing the "alphabet")

Coast Guard= Sea Ward <OE

translator, interpreter= awender (<OE āwendan) =translate (the word for this in other G languages is like "tolk", but has a Proto-Slavic root)

inventor= outfinder <OE roots (like Dutch uitvinder and Frisian útfiner (someone who finds something out)

invention=outfinding (like Dutch uitvinding and Frisian útfining) <OE roots


investigator= underseeker <OE roots (like Dutch onderzoeker, Frisian ûndersiker, Swedish undersökare)

question= frain (<Middle English <Old English freġnanfriġnan, akin to Dutch vraaag, German Frage, Frisian fraach)

impossible= unmightly <OE  unmihtlīċ (like Frisian ûnmooglik, Dutch onmogelijk, German unmöglich) (however there are other words we still have like =cannot be done, outlandish, hopeless, far-fetched, forlorn, and it can't work)

official, officer= wikener <ME<OE

parliament= folkmoot <OE folcmót  (general assembly), or <OE witenagemot, or witan (these last two words can be found even in Google dict. as "historical" words for an Anglo-Saxon parliament, and should be brought back)

parable= bytale <ME <Old English roots (this word is timeworn or dial. now)

poisonous= attery, atterly, attern (these words are now dial. or timeworn, and should be brought back) all <Old English)

Spider is <OE and a G. word, but this word is not like other G tongues , whereas the dialectal attercop (poison + head) is like Norwegian edderkopp, Danish edderkop, and -cop is like Dutch spinnecop. Spider is a true English word too, though.

turtle, tortoise= shellpad, shell-pad, shilpad (now obs. or seldom seen in English), but these are the Germanic words, like Dutch schildpad, Frisian skyldpod, Norwegian skilpadde, or Swedish sköldpadda

exhibition = show, showing (true everyday English words) or =outstelling <OE roots (like Frisian útstalling and German Ausstellung)

prison, jail= fangness ( fang <OE (now dialectal) (=capture +-ness (<OE)  (like Dutch gevangenis, German Gefängnis, and West Frisian gefangenis, also akin to Scandinavian tongues)

prescription= (as in doctor's prescription)= healer's forwrit, or leech's forwrit (leech comes from the Old English word for doctor. The word doctor  comes from Latin and means "teacher". A doctor isn't a teacher. 

Prime Minister= First Thane

re-establishment= edstaddling, edstathling, edstatheling <OE (staddle is still in English, and ed- means "re-", which is still found in some words.

regeneration=ednewing (like =renewing), or edshaft, both <OE

reptile= wormkin <OE wyrmcyn (a creeping thing). Another word is creepdeer (also like an OE word, and like Danish krybdyr) or crawldeer like Swedish kräldjur (however, sadly, even in this and other Germanic tongues, but not Icelandic, there is also a word like the Latin reptile.(which means creeping or crawling, and we already have these words.)

revelation= unwryness <OE onwrigness or onwrihness Another word is openbearing (like Dutch (openbaring), Frisian (iepenbiering), German (Offenbarung) and Scandinavian tongues, like Norwegian (åpenbaring)

easy=words we still have= not hard, or straightforward, but eath means easy (<OE), and is now mostly dial. Ease is a blend of this word and an Old French word, so the true English word is eath, (however easy is almost the same).

justification = you can write grounds or the New English word from Old English =rightwising (<from OE gerihtwísung

government= ledeward <Old English leódweard (Lede is alive mainly in dial. =a "nation, people")

ecology= wonelore <OE roots (Like Iceland. vistfræði, but with OE roots.) (but keep in mind a word like ecology has been borrowed in most G. tongues, and many other European tongues as well.)

rosemary=bothen <ME <OE boðen

Forestry, forest management= wealdcraft <OE roots (weald + cræft) (weald is a an old word for woods, which is also from OE, but woodcraft has another meaning now, and is also from OE roots)

forester= wood-ward (<OE wuduweard)

mycology= swamlore <OE roots (<OE swamm (ME=swam) + OE lār (now lore)="the study of mushrooms"

Antidote= atterloathe is <ME atterlothe <OE attorlaðe, and G


Pubic bone or pubis= sharebone <ME <OE words

Crown= kine-helm or kinehelm <ME <OE, G

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